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Explore Facebook Timeline Advertising Options

I’ve been seeing highly targeted ads showing up in my Facebook Timeline… while this is a little irritating because my timeline is no longer “pure” I don’t mind it too much yet.

Tool Review: Lucky Orange – Watch actual browsing behavior, Boost conversion rates, Optimize website usability

Here’s an app I’ve been using that lets you watch visitors interact with your website in real time showing you exactly how they are using your website. It also makes recordings of every visitor to your website so you can play back the screen recordings later. I’m probably watching you on my website right now!

Looking for a booking form to pass revenue to GA “ecommerce tracking” tab

After watching the Google Analytics Essential Training course on Lynda.com I wondered how many of small hotels, inns, vacation rentals, and tour outfitters were accurately tracking their e-commerce data in Google analytics. The e-commerce tracking feature is a powerful tool that tells you exactly how much profit you’re making from each keyword, referring website, advertisement, […]