Tool Review: Lucky Orange – Watch actual browsing behavior, Boost conversion rates, Optimize website usability

Here’s an app I’ve been using that lets you watch visitors interact with your website in real time showing you exactly how they are using your website. It also makes recordings of every visitor to your website so you can play back the screen recordings later. I’m probably watching you on my website right now!

The app lets you:

  • See everywhere their mouse moves
  • See everywhere they click
  • See which pages they browse to
  • See which websites they came from
  • See which search engine and keywords they used

WordPress users can install it easily with their WordPress plug-in.

You can use it free for a couple weeks and then after it’s only seven bucks a month. By far the cheapest heat map/live analytics tool I have found.

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  1. Wes
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 6:33 pm | Permalink

    Happy to see some of you are trying out lucky orange….. please let us know how what you found most useful.


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