Looking for a booking form to pass revenue to GA “ecommerce tracking” tab

After watching the Google Analytics Essential Training course on Lynda.com I wondered how many of small hotels, inns, vacation rentals, and tour outfitters were accurately tracking their e-commerce data in Google analytics. The e-commerce tracking feature is a powerful tool that tells you exactly how much profit you’re making from each keyword, referring website, advertisement, or any other metric in Google analytics. It’s pretty much the holy grail of actionable statistics. 

We want our lodging advertisers to be able to see exactly how much return they are getting on their advertising campaigns on our hospitality pay per click network. So today I’m looking for simple solutions that I can recommend to them that will have them e-commerce tracking in no time.

Here are some of these search phrases that I’ve already used in my research:

  • tracking for hotel website
  • ecommerce tracking for tour companies
  • e-commerce tracking for tour companies
  • ecommerce tracking in analytics for tour companies
  • ecommerce tracking for hotel website
  • “ecommerce tracking”
  • form solution “ecommerce tracking”
  • +form solution “ecommerce tracking”
  • “ecommerce tracking” for regular reservation form
  • how to add ecommerce tab to analytics
  • booking form pass data to ecommerce tab in analytics
  • webervations google analytics ecommerce

I’ve already started up a two different discussions with certain vendors and technicians. Post a comment to be notified when I find a good solution.

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