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MultiCloud – Transfer stuff direct from cloud to cloud ( FTP & WEBDAV too )

Highlights: Copy files directly from Dropbox to OneDrive ( no need to download to your machine ) …. transfer from ftp site to ftp site ( handy for moving entire websites ) … great way to save space on your computer… great way to have redundant backups. Wes Edholm Campaign Manager at Pillar Marketing Inc

Recommended Website Backup Solutions

The only company I can currently recommend for website backup solutions is My Codeguard Review: They were actually the first company that I started to work with but was a little put off by their pricing… In hindsight it probably would’ve been cheaper for me to just go with CodeGuard from the beginning and not […]

How to get your blog rss feed headlines into your email signature

Think about all the people your constantly emailing… customers… potential customers… industry influentials… friends… etc… how many of these people are visiting and reading your blog posts? Now imagine having your blog posts being visible on the bottom of everyone of your emails along with your normal signature ( name, position, phone, website, etc ) … […]

WordPress 4.0 Upgrades Going Smoothly

I just finished upgrading a few client WordPress sites to the latest and greatest WordPress 4.0. Happy to say it went smoothly. Of course I’ve got all databases and sites being backed up daily via my automated website backup system.  If anyone needs assistance upgrading their WordPress site please give me a call.

Please don’t make me print, sign, scan and fax

Every year we have to renew various online advertisements and they always seem to be more difficult than they need to be.  Normally there is some sort of yearly contract that needs to be e-mailed over, viewed, checked on, revised, e-mailed back, viewed again, printed, signed, scanned, faxed, etc. Another similar process will happen with […]

How to check if your email is going to the spam folder

Before I thought that I had pretty good “email deliverability.”…meaning that my emails were mostly reaching my customers and potential customers inboxes. Well it turns out that I was wrong! I used this handy email testing tool to illuminate potential problems and as you can see in the screenshot below my score was an 8 […]

Lodging Availability Search Now Enabled

Visitors to our network of sites about the San Juan Islands can now search for available places to stay instead of just browsing the directory.  This means that every customer searching for a place to stay will find your rooms ONLY if they are available on the dates they are looking for!

Explore Facebook Timeline Advertising Options

I’ve been seeing highly targeted ads showing up in my Facebook Timeline… while this is a little irritating because my timeline is no longer “pure” I don’t mind it too much yet.

Newsletter sending service you won’t dread using has had their newsletter sending service for many years but they have recently made some improvements that make the process of sending a newsletter actually enjoyable.  Their new “drag and drop” format makes it easy to build something that looks great in no time at all. My favorite drag and drop widget is the […]

Tips for Bulk Emailing From Outlook & Thunderbird

In the past you could send a mass email to a few hundred people using your email client programs such as Outlook, etc… but this is not a good option anymore as companies like Comcast, Google, and AOL have setup tougher measures to catch spam. If you send the email out with your local email […]