Weebly.com … cheap & easy way to make a quick website.

I was just checking out this other online website creation tool called www.weebly.com and I have to admit that it seems pretty sweet…

Furthermore it was simple to drop in our advertisements, customize the top image on the top of the website, create new pages and link them together.

They will also host your website for free provided you have purchased the domain name elsewhere and have pointed it to their dns/servers. The only way to get you to upgrade is by offering some more advanced features like a “contact form”, removing the link from the footer back to their website, and enabling some advanced image and video hosting features. To “go pro” they want four dollars a month or something. Pretty damn affordable. For the four dollars per month plan they allow up to 10 different websites. ( you still need to buy the domain name somewhere else for about ten dollars . )

Of course advanced website design is probably a hassle with the system compared to developing something by hand but this option looks like it’s perfect for all those other simple projects.

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