Website Monitoring Service to Pillar Marketing Advertisers

So if you are reading this page you have probably just received an e-mail from our website monitoring robot saying that your website has been down.

Why did I receive this message?

Because you are an active advertiser of Pillar Marketing we signed you up for our complementary website monitoring service.

Why should I care if my website is down?

Having a website that goes down often can affect your search engine rankings negatively. You are also losing potential customers who were browsing your website or in the middle of making a reservation. If your website is down your e-mail might also be down.

What should I do?

Immediately call your webmaster or your web hosting company to let them know about the outage. Most outages are temporary and it is nearly impossible to have your website up 100% of the time. However if you see that your website is going down every day for several minutes it is time to take action.

This is happening every day… what should I do now?

If your webmaster and web hosting company continue to disappoint you it is probably time to find someone new to get the job done right. Please use our contact form to drop us an e-mail and we’ll respond with our latest webmaster and web hosting company recommendations.

How do you know who is the most reliable and who are they?

Because we are monitoring all of our customers websites we can see who is having problems and who is not. It is easy to find out from there where their website is being hosted and recommend them to you.

Why are you offering the service for free? Are you some kind of communist?

No we are not Communists… we are behaving altruistically because we know it is ironically in our own interest. If your website goes down and you lose customers and search engine ranking then you will have less money to work with in your advertising budget. It becomes a negative feedback loop from there.

I still have more questions…. how do I contact you? 

Please send me ( Wes ) a message via this form:

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