Boost bookings by making sure your email is being read

Summary: Hospitality providers and tour outfitters should use their business name instead of their first and last name for all business email communications.

Time it takes to fix this problem: less than 2 minutes!


Here is an example of what a few emails from local accommodations look like in my Outlook inbox. Notice the “From” column that shows who the email is from.



Messages checked with a green mark are more likely to be read than messages marked with red marks. If a potential guest doesn’t know you personally then your first and last name will not ring any bells for them and they may end up deleting your email before it’s read.

Guests your communicating with are much more likely to open your message if they see your business name because they will remember the name from when they were on your site and decided to inquire.


How to tell what your email looks like in someone else’s inbox you ask? Just send yourself an email to find out!


How to fix it:

In Outlook go to Options > Mail Setup Tab > Email Accounts > and change the info in the “your name” field.



If your not using Outlook just go into your email programs “Options” or preferences area and you should find a way to update it.

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