Is your website backed up and malware free?

Hi, quick note about making sure you website is Malware/Virus/Worm free and is backed up on a regular basis. We’d like to think that our webmasters and webhosts have our websites backed up…. the truth is that many do not! Remember the arm and leg you paid for your website upgrade? It is a bit unlikely that you would lose the entire site but it CAN and does happen. I’m using this service from a outfit by the name of Comcure ( see note below on my updated recommendation ) …. it is $5 a month for three sites… it backs up your site daily and lets you restore your site if and when anything happens. It also scans for known virus, worms, and malware that spammers and black hat hackers install secretly on insecure websites.

The service also works with data driven sites like WordPress and Drupal…. WordPress regularly releases security updates and they recommend you backup your database and entire site before proceeding with the upgrade. With all my sites automatically backed up I can upgrade my WordPress sites without going through the hassle of doing a big backup manually!

So please bring this up with your webmaster at your next meeting!

Visit Comcure on the web at NOTE: As of Dec 2014 I no longer can recommend Comcure as a backup service… I started to have more and more problems with them such as: not being able to log into my control panel, databases that would appear to be backed up but would not be, slow tech support, and that is enough. Especially when you are trusting a company with your passwords. So I started’s looking for solutions/alternatives to make incremental backups of my websites & web hosts. From the beginning I was using another company that was more expensive but has turned out to be the most reliable option…. is $39 a month for 12 websites…. or five dollars per month for a single website. They have annual discounts as well. I have been successful in restoring my full sites, or individual folders, or individual databases back to the live Web server. I don’t think I have run into a problem with them. One thing I would like to see that they do not have is the malware detection feature.

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