Indispensable: See how your website looks & works on other smart phone brands!

See how you might be losing customers by spotting problems with your website on mobile phones/smart phones/Androids/iPhones/Blackberry by using this tool:


It’s simple… visit the site…. enter in your website address… then choose the type of phone you want to see your site in and hit enter. BOOM… you get to see exactly what your site looks like on that make and model of mobile phone.


Your website should have:

– A large phone number near the top of every page so your customers can tap it to call you.

– No Flash slideshows… they won’t work on Apple phones or tablets!

– Simplified everything… less big images… less javascripts… less business in general.

– A click to driving directions that will open up using their phones mobile maps navigation program.


Try it on your website now by visiting: 


Example screenshot.


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